Deep brain ultrasound treatment

Don't know if anybody seen this on BBC but sounds great .you can Google deep brain ultrasound bbc news .have a read


I saw this. Amazing instant tremor stopper. Hope it will work for enough people in trial so it becomes available as standard treatment.

Not sure if this link will work -

Parkinson's patients could be cured of tremors using new ultrasound machine - The Telegraph


Agreed, fingers crossed for sure


I wouldn't get too over excited.

Read this article from the National Parkinson's Foundation.

Makes sense back to the drawing board .


Back to the Drawing board...

Ever watch star trek?

Bones is the doctor in the future..

Bones says to a doctor of our time about patient (mr chekov) with a brain injury ''my god man that's just Barbaric we don't do thing's like that Anymore".

Will they ever get past drilling holes in our head ? or zapping us with radiation?.




i remember that !


We haven't yet got past blowing each other to bits with weapons of mass destruction.

And we supply them