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Hello   Last night or rather this morning I took my slow release Madopar 1.25mg  at 1.00 am and went to bed, as I was very tired I fell asleep in a instant.  and did not wake until 7.30 am for the traditional bathroom  visit and also the fitting of Duodopa  this was done and by then I had dozed off,  FATAL whenever I do that I go into deeeeeeeeeeeeep sleep and cannot wake, I almost made it three or four times and failed it was a hideous dream that forced me to return to a conscious state but this was 10.20am I never sleep that long the latest being 8.00am  , is this the start of a new phase of PD  if it is I am terrified as it  makes me feel like  I am dying and often I feel I am in a deep long tunnel with a pinprick of light at the end, and I struggle towards it, I am finding it more and more difficult to reach the light, does anyone else have this alarming situation occur , its not nice.

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so you went to sleep with the duodopa on?

people who have duodopa 24hrs only take 2/3rds dose during the night. if you go to sleep with it on you may be in effect overdosing. did anyone say why it is off at night? i know from experience that od of levadopa causes the sort of thing you were describing. so i would suggest once you are plugged in you stay upright and awake. 

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HELLO   Turnip,I take the Ddpa, off before I go to bed, I also take 1    1.25mg slow release capsule , this does help a little with mobility in the early hours but its not until  the pump is refitted  about 7.30 that normal service is returned..but if I allow myself to drift back into sleep thats when its hard to wake up.

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just 1 slo release for the whole night seems a bit low to me compared with what i take.


What dosage do you take, and is it working, its 2.00am here and I am just going into battle with the demons I am taking my teddy though he stopped being effective 60yrs  ago

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I take a normal madopar at 9 and 2 slow release at 10. (sometimes 3). i sleep from 10 till 4 and 5 till 7. only a proportion of slow release get through compared to ordinary and they take several hours to kick in.. my personal opinion is that a lot of people are under medicated at night but in fact it is just as important as the day. thats just my opinion.



just been to gps today to get my precription for sinemet cr slow release for night time,  really stiff at night ,hard to move round & aches. will let you know how i get on ! wise one master jedi


Hi Turnip

             I am interested in your reply re slow release madopar,I was diagnosed may 2012 and started right away on madopar,this may 2013 a slow release was prescribed at night,and was started on selegeline  at thisvtime,I take 125 madopar at approx 7,12,and 5 then the slow release around 10ish, this helped my sleeping but now its not so good, i would like to keep the med s on a low dose as long as i can,do u Think an extra madopar around 9 to 10ish would be better than an extra slow release.I dont  go back 2 the neur for 9 months but will likely contact the pd nurse shortly,thanks for any advise on this 

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hi Anne

i would discuss it with your pd nurse. the nurse can pass on your questions to neuro, but as its a game f chinese whispers make sure your message is clear and simple!  


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Thank you wise one ! have a good 1st day of 2014 you & family


you too. now am off to sleepybyes



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