Deferiprone Drug Trial

I’ve been researching into Parkinsons (and prostate cancer) for my dad for a few years now. Couple of years ago I came across a facebook group that promotes magnesium and mineral re-balancing, with an emphasis on balancing the tricky iron homeostasis.

After further research, it seems excess, unbound iron is found in the substantia nigra and may be implicated in the formation of Lewy Body proteins in remaining dopamine cells. (Iron is also high in prostate and breast cancer cells)

The above drug trial uses a pharmaceutical iron chelator that can cross the blood brain barrier and hopefully drag the iron safely out of the body. It has a current use for a condition whereby patients use iron from their gut and not the liver.

Unfortunately my dad doesn’t qualify for the trial, but if anyone else is looking to take part the above link should take you to their qualifying page.