Degenerative changes in spine


I had an MRI and have been told the above.My dr is on holiday so hopefully next week will get an update.

I am in agony  after only walking about 10 steps.

Has anyone else experienced this.?

 Hi Barbara,

Sorry to hear you are having such pain.I think we tend to blame everything on PD.Degeneration of the spine can be arthritic  and I believe you have said you suffer from this.

Lets hope you get more information from your Dr.

I have degeneration of my lumbar spine which restricts movement but not my walking not yet anyway!

It was good to meet you in York,hope you enjoy Stirling with Ian and Catriona.


Hi Ginny

Hope this finds you well.

I realise that this has nothing to do with PD but just wanted to know if anyone else had this. The pain Is terrible. Hoping to hear something today as just cannot go on like this.

Dont know if we will be going to Stirling  as it is full. So will need to wait and see if anyone falls out.

Was so lovely to meet you ginny and hopefully speak again soon.

Take Care love Barbara xxx