Degreaser Genklene and Inhibisol connected with parkinsons

My name is Keith aged 59 and recently diagnosed with PD .
I have been reading a posting by Betty blue regarding exposure of degreasers /Genklene / Inhibisol and the connection with PD which is said to increase risk 6 / 10 fold .
I worked at Cummins diesel engines ltd using these degreaser without extraction for about 2 years even though it was 40 years ago , it’s documented it can take 10 to 40 years to affect anyone.
I wonder how many others have had exposure ?
I have spoken to the union solicitors regarding this situation who are looking into the claim so any more cases or information would could be of mutual interest would be welcomed.
I have found a Canadian navy vet has succeeded in prosecution and compensation against the navy regarding tce exposure and the onset of pd

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Hi trailerman121
When I was 16 I worked as a apprentice engineer for a small firm and we used tryk as a decreaser and I did a lot of mig welding I was diagnosed last October with pd

I have started a claim through the union solicitors there seem to be a x6 factor of pd.
Keep in touch and I will let you know of any developments

Thanks for replying this could be very interesting

Hi 1970
thanks for your reply things are starting to shape up now in regard to TCE exposure could you please contact me personal details removed by admin.

HI 1970
Ive had a word with my solicitor Mr Peter Lyons from Thompsons Ltd and more than happy to have a chat regarding a you TCE exposure and possible litigation.
hes been dealing with quite a few people on the forum
his email address is [email protected]

It’s been a long time hope your keeping well…
I will have to email your solicitor and have a chat .