Any advice for getting extra fluids into my Mum who will not drink enough liquids as an anxiety of weeing a lot please. Does anyone take rehydration supplements if so what is available? Many thanks

Hi @Kiwispirit,

I’m really sorry that your mum is going through this, I’m sure it must be really distressing for you both. I’d suggest you contact your mum’s GP or Parkinson’s nurse so that they can advise you on the best thing to do - this may include therapy or prescribing some form of medication. You can also speak to one of our advisers via our confidential helpline for more support on this - do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

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I have seen a dermatologist to no avail about this problem. I suffered really badly during the last hot spell. At one point I almost collapsed… The specialist tried deodorants and beta blockers both of which failed.
I took the advice of a friend who had similar problems (not PD). She advised milk as a drink and dioralyte to put back essential salts (superdrug do their own version which is slightly cheaper).The rest was common sense…avoid physical effort at the hottest part of the day, run cold water over your wrists, sit in the shade, cold showers etc. This worked reasonably well. People tend to think it’s a joke. Severe head aches, fainting and disorientation are no joke believe me.
As autumn closes in it will alleviate the problem some what, but still take care…

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Sorry I forgot to mention ice cubes in the milk and use either skimmed (yuk!) or semi skimmed (much nicer) milk.