Delayed Recovery From Surgery

I have been acting as my Mum's (79 year old 8 years suffering from PD) carer for quite some years now helping her manage her symptoms and medication however last week she had a fall in the house and has broken her hip - she has undergone a hip replacement (hemi-arthoplasty) under an epidural pain block however after 7 days she has not come round properly - there is some recognition that we are there and she responds to pain stimuli - have any other PD sufferers observed delayed recovery from surgery ? She missed her meds for about 3 days but is now receiving her full dose via an NG tube - i am becoming increasing worried about my Mum now and just wondered if there was any other similar cases that people may know about - any help or advice gratefully received thanks Bilko21  

Hi, Bilko21 --

I noted the date on your post and regret that no one has responded yet.  I'm so sorry for your mother's situation.  Unfortunately, I have had no similar experience.  My only question is whether your mum is being seen by PD specialists or just the hospital staff.  I know that when I was once hospitalised, the nurses seemed rather ignorant in caring for a PD patient.  But I did not encounter the problem of slow recovery.

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Hello Bilko21

                I was saddened to here of the troubles you are enduring and alas there is a lack of  knowledge in some Hospitals regarding the treatment of PD I have myself had to deal with the awful realisation that they would not give my medication when I needed it but only when the trolley came around, thus I had to suffer terrible shutdowns before my PD Consultant intervened and I was given a letter informing the Doctors and  Nurses I must be given my medicines on demand, or I would slip into a semi coma like state,this solved the problem and everything ran smooth.

                                I hope all goes well for you both my very best wishes Fed

Dear j & fed sadly my Mum passed away only hours after i put this post up - Mum did appear to be in a semi coma like state - she was getting her meds by NG tube after intervention by PD nurse but i think she was just too weak to cope with the trauma of the fall and the surgery. I think if she had come round her body would not have been able to withstand the physio. i am still very upset at losing my dear old Mum but at least she is now free of the dehibilitating headaches & limb pain that were associated with her Parkinson's symptoms. Thank you for your responses. Best wishes to you both Bilko21     

Bilko21 --

Thank you for the good wishes, and please accept my condolences on the loss of your mum.  My own mother passed away just five months ago, following a series of strokes, and I understand fully your taking consolation in her freedom from the human suffering she endured so long.

I wish you peace and contentment. 


Dear J sorry for slow response but thank you for your kind words it is appreciated it has been a very difficult time for me as the day after my Mum died my Dad suffered a heart attack and was himself in hospital for two weeks - he seems slightly better but i'm now acting as his full time carer - best wishes Bill