Delayed treatment

I have been diagnosed with PD in April of this year. The neurologist suggested starting on Sinemet low dosage increasing to 125 mg  three times a day if I become slowed. Currently coping with resting hand tremor and bradykinesia hence decided to delay treatment however for the last few weeks I have been experiencing a tight feeling below my ribcage. GP uttered the word "hernia" but no investigation requested just continue with Lansoprazol which I was taking whilst I was on Naproxen for painful hip which has been resolved following Steroid injection. Naproxien has been stopped since.

As I have a big family event in September I do not want to experience side effects. Has anybody been in this kind of situation as if so I would appreciate comments.

Do you mean side effects from taking Sinemet or the effects of not taking it?

I would like to know the answer to both please although I am aware that each person is different.


Just going through the search looking for ribcage pain and come across your post…my husband (not on meds yet through choice) he is 53yrs old and diagnosed in May although symptoms started just after he turned 50. He has this tight band feeling around his ribcage has had for nearly 2 weeks he thinks muscular? But can’t place why? …any ideas why?