Deleting post already put on

How do you delete a post already put on. Anyone.

I realise now I should not.have put this post on.

Either no one has a wet room.
No one’s parkinsons is that bad.
No one showers
Everyone has baths.
Tried to delete post but unable to do so. Ouch well will.prob disappear shortly as people put on other posts that are more imortant.

I was hoping you’d get an answer since we will soon need to do the same!


Yes well I actually thought a lot of people would have already gone through.this bit obviously not.

Thank you so much for showing an interest.
I think I was just feeling a bit annoyed

Cheers Babs x

Hi babswood - Don’t have a wet room I still have a bathroom, but had the bath taken out and a shower cubicle put in it’s place because was having trouble climbing in and out of bath. We had this done a little while back now, it is so much easier to wash now.

Sorry didn’t reply sooner, but been had a couple of nights off - Sheila x

Thanks Sheila so good to hear from you. Hope all going okay for you.
I am looking forward to being able to get a shower without needing any help.

Babs x

Hi babswood - it’s ok having a shower it’s the trying to wash parts you cannot reach standing up so you will have to have a handle fitted for balance or have a stool to sit on, other thing you will need help drying yourself as well, so it’s back to the drawing board as they say! Enjoy!

Sheila x

Hi Babswood,

Would you still like to delete your post? If so, check on the options at the bottom of your post for a bin icon, which would delete your post. If you can’t find it, just let us know whether you would like us to unpublish it and we can do this for you.

Best wishes,
Mara (Moderation Team)

hi babs know it,s late i ,ve got wet room we had done for dad we took wall out between downstairs toilet and storge room just wanted to say you don,t need to pay vat if your reg. disabled saved a lot on flooring alone as we paid in full make sure you put all rails in right place for yourself
Pete ps not had bath for 3yrs (but do shower ev. day):smiley:

Thanks so much Peter for your advice.
It seems so much hassle to go through at first but I know for sure it will be worth it .

Hoping your man okay.
Take Care Peter and have a good day.


Hello babswood

Dont know thats its much use to you but just come on here & thought add my comments. We had a walk in shower put in. This is primarily for hubby who has PD. Theres a pull down chair in there, strong one, with handles. lots of handles and room for wheel chair whenever needed.

We got 3 quotes, ended up using local firm.

hope you get sorted soon.


Hi thanks for your comments ì have to hand in two estimates.
Were you pleased with the shower.?
Babs x

Hi Babs

The shower is lovely, have never had one so powerful. If you can go for the something with large head. We also have a smaller attachment that is handy if you want to sit down & do feet etc!


Recently had a wet room installed and paid for ourselves. The installer also does wet rooms for the local authority so was up to speed on regulations. Such as, the shower needs to be one by a company called AKW, who can provide a shower that, if a carer is using it to shower a person, then the temperature will not go above a certain safe level. We also opted for a remote control for the shower; carer stays dry.

With a shower chair, everything is good.

We chose everything ourselves, the Respatex wall panels, the flooring the heated towel rail, the sink and toilet. In as much as it is not an over head shower, BUT, for anyone who is future proofing matters, this is what is needed. BUT, we have under floor heating and a large heated shower rail which provides a good temperature when one does not want the full central heating system on high in the rest of the house.

A walk in shower always has a threshold to get over,even if only a few inches. I’ve seen in them in the newspaper ads!! They are most certainly NOT a wet room.

We also decided on having a bidet toilet seat.

Hi there thanks so much for your comments most helpful.

Hi Babswood

I have a small wetroom, and couldn’t manage without it. I got a local plumber to change what used to be a coal store, and had been converted to a shower. The final stage to a wetroom meant installing underfloor heating.
I have a shower chair and enjoy sitting underneath the hot water. Haven’t had a bath for years!
I consulted some of the wetroom speciaists but found them very expensive, and wanting to suggest things I didn’t really need.
A good local plumber may be your answer.