My Husband has delirium, he was admitted to Hospital and didn’t have it but while he was a patient his medication was not given as prescribed ie 1 day they didn’t change his Neupro patch so he went 24 hours without and then they put a 12mg on when he should have been on 8mg over 24 hours then they used 6mg, I know he is unwell with PD but I do think messing up his meds didn’t help, he is home now but the delirium continues 7 weeks on, has anyone seen any positive outcomes with someone diagnosed with delirium?

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Hello, my father developed delirium after a hospital stay also. It might be worth checking out that there is no infection present such as a bladder infection as that can make delirium worse. Would the short term prescription of a sedative also help? You mentioned issues with meds and that probably wasnt ideal but i think being away from familiar surroundings was worse, in my father’s case. Maybe try stick to routines, favourite meals and things to do, listening to music etc also helped. Dad is much better now but not fully so, its hard to know if that would have happened anyway with progression of dementia. I see the post is a few weeks old so i hope there has been improvement since.