Delivery charges for prescriptions

It has come to our attention following a number of newspaper articles, that Boots Chemists are now charging £5 to deliver a prescription from your local store.

We want to understand how this impacts people with Parkinson’s.

Do other chemists charge for delivery of prescriptions?

Has anyone used the Pharmacy2U NHS delivery service and if so, how did they find it?

We want to check across the UK four nations.

Please let us know by commenting on this thread.

That’s a first anything to make a few pounds We have two other chemist wells & loydys and there’s are not charging Weymouth Dorset dt4 7lj

The local pharmacy does not charge for deliveries, and is very helpful.

I would suggest changing to a different chemist! I order my mums medication via the internet from her surgery and the prescription ‘magically’ gets sent her named chemist. They dispense her drugs and deliver them to our home address. Usually this works reasonably ok (we do have some hic ups, but that’s life!) I pay for my own prescriptions but have a pre payment card so I order them in the same way from GP and they are delivered by the same chemist. The guy is really cheerful and so helpful if I can’t manage to take them from the door step (I have mobility issues myself).
Chemist is a local one, not a countrywide company. Sometimes small businesses are best offering a more personal experience.
Hope this helps