demetia with parkinsons

my husband has been recently diagnosed with parkinsons but has been very confused and absent minded just recently. Is this the parkinsons

At the beginning of this journey you feel that everything is connected to the diagnosis of Parkinsons! I suggest that you speak to your GP if you are at all worried about anything. My husband was very deeply affected when he was first diagnosed as he had helped me look after my father who had parkinsons very badly so automatically your thoughts go down a dark path. Only by talking to each other and looking for help ourselves did we get through those first few months. Your husband may have depression or just be distracted by worry about the future so go talk to a professional and don’t be fobbed off with the words " it must be his Parkinsons". Take care.

It’s a tough call, and we all want to be able to rely on the experts to tell us what is what…but sometimes they don’t know. My OH has often been told “ it’s Parkinson’s “ with little if any attempt being made to explore whether it could be something else. He has now received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s dementia, and whilst the dementia bit fitted, it was the type that I wondered about . I had to press for an explanation of the basis on which it was regarded as Parkinson’s . I am left thinking that if you don’t ask , they don’t explain and whilst it can feel like you are calling their judgment into question when you do ask such things, and some might react defensively as a result, there are ways of asking that make it clear that you are not doing that but just seeking to understand better. Maybe because it is so obvious to them they assume that there is nothing to explain, or just expect you to accept their word for it without question.
For the record, we have an amazing new Parkinson’s nurse who is clearly very knowledgeable and doesn’t wait to be asked!