Hi . My husband was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago . In the last 6 month he has declined quiet a lot. He's 55 and now finding he's freezing many times a day sleeping all the time during the day on and off. His BP keeps dropping and shuffle getting worse. He saw his new consultant 2 weeks ago who looked at his brain mri from 2014 and wasn't happy he has asked for another and now is monitoring his Meds with KinetiGraph maybe signs of msa so what is this ? How will this affect him now if it is msa? Thanks in advance

Hi Phillips,

Sorry to hear about your husband's declining health.  If I'm totally honest I hadn't heard of Multiple System Atrophy until you mentioned it and I did some research on the NHS website.  Symptoms appear to be almost identical to Parkinson's only, with PD medication can help to relieve the symptoms. 

You may want to have a look here for more indepth information

Hopefully the original diagnosis stands least that though it cannot be cured, it can be treated.

Best wishes and please keep us up to date with his progress.


One day at a time is all I can say to you  Philips one day at a time just live for that and try to stay happy , switch Off your thoughts as best you can and try to enjoy , your never going to make them all go away but try your best to , enjoy each day we all have to 

tooraloo Ian