Dentist reaction

I haven't been to a dentist for 4 years.  I cannot have novacaine it does not take effect.  I can only take lidocaine but the type he gave me 4 years ago sent me into a bad seizure.  Is this common with PD?  I had never had a seizure of any kind.  Since then other meds give them to me, but milder.


Hi Jaffy, 

  Lidocaine ( a local anaesthetic)  is almost always given with adrenaline.,I have asked my dentist for lidocaine injections without the adrenaline (both versions are available). Some time ago (10 + years?) I read  an extensive report on Parkinsons and anaesthesia..> I think I have mentioned it in an old post on this forum. In Germany and Holland they (neurologists) advise against taking the adrenaline version for people with Parkinsons.. I asked my neurologist, he had never heard of special sensitivity to adrenaline for PwPs. The adrenaline makes the operation less bloody apparently.. 

Subsequently I had a local anaesthetic injection (not from dentist) and had forgotten  that it would be a lidocaine/adrenaline injection and so I did not ask to leave the adrenaline out.  Very quickly, but only for a short while  I experienced unpleasant  palpitations, which worried me ,as I did not know what caused it , there was no reason why I should be anxious about the procedure at all. And then I remembered: It was the adrenaline of course..

Is this what you experienced? Best wishes, Kate

Thanks Kate,

This sounds like how it went!  I will hopefully remember this and speak with my new dentist.  I went to him for a consultation not wanting a re-experience.  He was very thorough in our discussion but overwhelmed in a solution.  He decided since I did not lose consciousness and recovered shortly = the only thing to do is use it again!  I didn't see any other way either.  When I get my nerve up in 10 or 20 years; I'll go back to him and give it a try!  Hopefully without adrenaline.   

                                                                                      Best wishes to you