Dentist visit

I am just back from a very traumatic visit to the dentist!
I could not control my tremors at all and the longer the treatment lasted the worse it became, I ended up getting very upset too, I’m sure the patients in the waiting room wondered what had happened, lol.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips for my next visit…… at the minute I am not intending on going again?
I feel totally exhausted and resting up…… it didn’t even hurt.
Hope you’re all having a better day😄
Best wishes

Hi Littlenanny
I am not sure if this will help you but when my husband gets stressed, upset, anxious and/or tired his tremors increase tremendously and if he is also having what they call a ‘bad day’ with his PD it is a nightmare.
Try to take it easy and rest up - hope you are feeling better soon.

very sympathize with you, I hope you’ll feel better next time, I understand it’s very hard to relax at the dentist recliner.

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Thank you for your understanding and helping me to see that it is part of PD and sorry to say not the only one!

Hi @Littlenanny,

Many people with Parkinson’s dread visiting the dentist because of experiences like the one you had - you are very much not alone! I can understand how stressful and exhausting such visits can be, but you should never be embarrassed or afraid to return, and there are things that can be done to make these moments less nerve-wracking for you.

Firstly - be honest with your dentist. They will be able to make some suggestions, and can work with you on strategies for easier dental appointments. We have an article on dentist tips - from a dentist to those with Parkinson’s - that might give you an idea or two. Something like timing appointments with medication or “on” periods could help immensely. Your dentist is there for you - I’m sure just conversing with them about it all will help with some of the stress and anxiety.

Nextly - connect with one of our advisers on our helpline on 0808 800 0303 for additional tips and tricks. They are a wealth of knowledge and helpful tidbits. There isn’t much they haven’t heard of! And all it takes sometimes is one or two hints to find something that works better.

Please do continue to post and read threads from others on the Forum. I hope others will share with you their own suggestions and experiences soon.

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Hello Little nanny, sorry to hear tou had such an awful time at your recent dental appointment. I would agree with joy.mod that timing your appointment to coincide with the optimum “on” period of your meds, if you can is a good idea. Maybe it would help help if you asked your dentist to keep you fairly upright for your appts - you may find that this will reduce some of the anxiety you feel when in the fully reclined position favoured by most dentists these days but which can make the patient feel vulnerable and not in control. You may feel a bit ridiculous but perhaps you could agree a signal with the dentist, such as raising your arm to indicate you need a breather, if you can feel the temperature rising. I do hope you are able to go to your next appointment and that it is considerably less traumatic than this one.
Best wishes

Hi, Try CBD Oil, a good dose half an hour before works wonders.

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I know exactly how you feel, it happened to me last time, uncontrollable tremors, even though I had timed it as best I could. I had an appointment today , which I was dreading. I. took a couple of Kalms beforehand and it worked really well. Not a tremor or a shuffle in sight!

Hi littlenannyp
I know it can be very stressful and embarrassing when you don’t have
control over your body. The trouble is the more you think about it the worse it gets. Are you taking any agonists? Like requiring xl . If so try taking it with your dose just before you go to the dentist. Or could you take a madopar dispersible which should cam yo down for sbout an hour. Take them with coffee.

Thank you for your post, it has helped knowing that I am not alone, as I felt I had failed in some way!? I am trying to get over such feelings :tired_face:
I hope in time I will be able to go back to the dentist and speak up to let the dentist know how I am feeling.
Have a good day
Littlenanny x

Hi I actually don’t mind too much going to the dentist. I too don’t lying down flat on the dentists chair so I take one of those neck pillows because of the gap between my neck and the chair. I also ask my dentist not to lay me down too much. I feel more relaxed not only do I have a lovely dentist who explains everything but we make decisions together… I have been to the dentist quite a few times during the Pandemic including the hospital dentist. I also go during the morning just so I feel more comfortable. I hope you have a better trip next time.

Love Sharon

I’m sorry to hear that you had a traumatic experience at the dentist’s! It sounds like it was really tough for you to manage your anxiety and keep your composure. It’s totally understandable that you’re feeling hesitant about going back again.

Here are a few ideas and tips from my doc from that might help you feel more prepared and relaxed for your next visit: - Talk to your dentist ahead of time about your anxiety and what your concerns are. This will help them be more aware of your needs and make sure that they take extra care to put you at ease. - Bring along a relaxation tool, like a stress ball or a favourite toy, to help you keep your hands busy and occupied. - Try to find a dental office with a calming and relaxing atmosphere, with soft music and dimmed lighting in the background.