ive gotvthe dentist today and i hate having a back tooth pd tremor gets so bad under the added stress.has any one got a surgestion wot i can do not to be scared of that dentist chair.

I can suggest what not to do: Dont try to talk to him while he's working and don't watch Marathon Man before you go!

Do try talking to him beforehand you may find he has some ideas himself.

As Leyther says, talk to you dentist first, ask him to tell you what they are doing and let you know when it might hurt. The anticipation of pain can be worse than the pain. If you know when to expect it you can relax the rest of the time.

thankyou both for your advice,it was good advice and i did as you said,spoke to dentist was me last wisdom tooth to come out,she said my gums had receded alot and meds over 12 years had made teeth bad.i clean me teeth 3 times a day but still it not good enough.i use a ealectric tooth brush which is much beter for us parkys as well cus of stiff wrists.i have to see dentist every 3 months and she said im high risk with erm now,which shocked me.told me im more than likely to loose all teeth with in 2 years.and this is all down to wot meds have done to me:disappointed:

Hi Ali j
Like u I don't like the dentist.have you had a tooth pulled before.its alot better than having them filled.and if your like me you've had alot more pain than pulling a tooth be fair you just feel the pressure.but when your laid there interlock your hands together and close your eyes while they pull it.i feel more pain with the injection and tell them to do a good job numbing the area.all the best .john

Sorry to be a bit late with the advice Ali J, but here is my advice to use on subsequent visits.

It has been scientifically proven, OK I saw it on Mythbusters, that cussing and swearing increases your pain threshold.

So lie back relax and give him/her pelters.

Oh I should mention, do this inside your head,

Along the same lines, if they ask does my bum look big in this tunic or do I look (whatever age), lie. Also dont tell them they look like Jedward, as pain is likely to increase. These apply to both male/female dentist persons.

I have an electric toothbrush. I am waiting for a manufacturer to introduce a padded head, cos when Im brushing the bottom tooth I'm rattling the fillings out the top one and vice versa.

(No I dont mean "set" or "teeth" I meant "tooth" )