Wife had DBS year ago and now the dreaded Dentist is at hand does any one else have any tails of trying to get antibiotics before or after treatment. Been told by P nurse to be on them if any invasive work is carried out. But trying to get all the information from GP is the normal merry go round. The last thing the said to night protocols may be changing.

Dentist and GP phoning P nurse information by time we find out all her teeth will have fallen out joke.


my dentist is pretty good and fully aware i have PD but im afraid i dont have or have knowledge of dbs and dentistry, but any fillings ive had there's been no mention of antibiotics ?.


When I left hospital after my DBS surgery I was given 2 letters. One was for airport security so that i could get home without going through the scanners. The other one was for the dentist. In the letter it advises antibiotics to be taken 1 hour before invasive dental work. When (not if!!) my dentist finds work to be done she writes me a prescription and when I  arrive at the dental surgery for treatment one of the first things she asks is 'have you taken your antibiotics?'. I would forget the GP - get your PD nurse to talk to the dentist and get a prescription from the dentist.  

After having a lot of Dutch Courage she finally went, Dentist spoke to pd nurse if she has any invasive work carried out she has to take antibiotics 1 hour treatment. Only thing is she has prepaid prescription but dentist prescriptions in our area are classed as private so you have to pay.

Sometimes I’m also afraid of dentists but when toothache wins and I have to go to a dentist.

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same info.