Depressing Article

Did anyone read the article in the Mail on Sunday's "You" magazine yesterday? It was very depressing, to say the least, especially I would imagine to someone newly diagnosed.

I think it's pretty irrespondible to print an article like that without making it clear that all cases of PD are unique, and will quite likely not take that route.

After having a year to try and get our heads round my husband's diagnosis, reading something like this can really knock you for six.

Hope it hasn't affected anyone else that badly.
I just read it online......You have to read the replys that some idiot people have left in response to the said article! Apparently according to one moron member of the public his PD must have been caused by the ammount of tatoos he has?
Well all that money resaerching the cause could have been saved lol
trust me!! I get the Mail on Sunday every week but missed this weeks! must read it on line. Did anyone see the article in either friday or Saturday's Daily Mail about the chap up at court for various misdemeaners and its being blamed on dopamine agonists? They also mentioned Hulvictims trial last year - dont have an outcome as yet.
Thanks for your responses, Jax and Renee.

No Renee, I must have missed the article in the Daily Mail you mention - I shall see if I can find it.

Isn't it appalling that these things can be written without any concern about the people they affect.
Hi Jax,

Can you tell me where you found the article online please? I just checked on the website, but couldn't bring article up, and I wanted to see the replies to it that you mentioned.

What did you think of the article? Could make you truly depressed if you didn't know better, don't you think?

Best wishes.
Oh's the Mail on Sunday!!! You were perhaps expecting something biased and balanced.
I just googled mail on sunday you magazine and thats what came up. You then have to search through the articles until you find the parkinsons. Then scroll down for the idiot responses about the item.
Thanks for that Jax, but I still can't find the article. I can get the web page for the "You" magazine up, but there are only a limited number of items to click on, and I can't find the relevant page.

Thanks anyway though.
can't find the article on internet. Anyone help please.Would like to see the responses. Read the original article, real cheerful stuff!
This link wont be on here for very long....
This is the link, click on it quick, it may disappear. I found it by going to www. dailymail. co. uk (obviously without the spaces) enter Parkinson's disease into the site search engine and then when results for Parkinson's disease come up, opt for most recent.

I beat you to it cutie! lol :sunglasses:
So you did :fearful:
Hi folks,

That link wasn't the article I referred to, so I'm putting the correct link here, and would welcome any comments you may have.

Hope this works:
I couldn't get that link to work, so here's another - fingers crossed!
These two links aren't working for me - maybe someone else will have better luck.

If not, and you want to see the article I mentioned, please e-mail me direct and I'll send you the link.

Best wishes to all.
I also read the article in the mail on sunday and was totally shocked at the negativity of it all
I would really like to think this lady gave further thoughts about the impact on their lives but the editing resulted in a very poor perspective.
I also agree that anyone who read it and knew of someone with the PD diagnosis would be feeling pretty down after wards, I did, I gave it to my partner to read and said at the time read this is really doesnt paint a good picture
The Mail and Mail on Sunday need to question how they presented this article
As for the one considering the tatoos were somehow a possible factor for anyone who belives anything the papers print it just goes to show how misled the general public are.
I for one never take anything in the press or media as truth but I know a lot of people do so somehow we owe it to ourselves to change this portrayed image if only for a few
Im on a mission now
Thanks for your thoughts on the article, newdidit. I'm glad I wasn't alone in finding it horribly depressing, meant in the nicest possible way, of course.

I've had a terrible week since reading it, albeit knowing deep down that the case wasn't "typical".

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.
Hi everyone. There were a few good points, one in particular caught my eye: "Dr Kieran Breen, director of research at the Parkinson's Disease Society, said the charity was 'closer than ever' to finding a cure". Also, from an article in the MJFF newsletter, they said that scientists had 'reversed' laboratory induced Parkinson's, by the use of a vaccine. They are now linking Parkinson's disease with the immune system, in particular a T-Cell called TH17 (unless I'm mistaken). I also read a while ago that a young boy of 12 had been diagnosed with YOPD in Canada (not mentioned on the Daily Mail website). With medical technology progressing at the rate it is, I'm sure a cure will be found within the next 5 years. Don't give up hope!