Before I start I must say sorry for my English.
My name is Paul I'm 64 and I had to retire early so I have got a lot of spare time to worry about ,my problem can anybody help

Hi Akela
Well Paul you have come to the right place for comfort and advice. Here on the Forum you will meet a great bunch of guys and gals who have experienced just about everything that this black hearted disease can throw at you. Do not worry about your English, we are not all Professors of Literature. Just be yourself, I know that forum members will be. First of all, do not worry about things. What will be will be an d there is not much we can do about it. Medication that works with one, does not work with another, pd does not effect everyone the same way.
Keep cheerful and I hope to see you on the forum many times.
All the best

Sorry you are having such a bad time. You can say anything you want on here, people will be friendly and try to help

Welcome Akela,

We are all here to support each other so let us know how we can help.


Welcome to the forum, Paul!

It is always a shock to get a diagnosis of PD, but please don't despair. It's not the worst disease out there by any means. For most of us it is a slow-moving thing, giving us time to adjust to one symptom or condition before another comes along. And today's meds can really make a difference by defeating or delaying those symptoms. For example, I have had PD 15 years and have not really changed my daily life yet!

So try not to worry too much about the future. Take things slowly and give yourself time to accept whatever is inevitable. Good luck!

Hi Akela, Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find plenty of help and guidance, and Iknow you will make lots of friends who are always willing to offer advice when needed. love Blue Angel x

Hi Akela,
The previous messages are quite true, While it is not great to have Parkinson's there are far worse things that could happen.
For many of us it is slow moving, I have been living with it for 13 years. Life is difficult at times particularly when I am waiting for my medication to kick in. Some times I can be shaking for up to an hour, but when the medication does kick in, it is as if the sun has come out after thunder storm. It is such a relief. So there is some thing to look forward on a daily basis. We all need some thing to look forward to, that is what we need to overcome the "Why me" feeling.
My advice for what it is worth is not to dwell on it and try to keep yourself busy. Not easy at times, but I do think it can make a difference for some.
Parkinson's does appear to effect us in different ways, so talking to fellow sufferers on this website can be very helpful because there will be someone with one or more of of the symptoms you are, or might experience.
When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's the neurologist told me, as far as he was aware, no one had ever actually died from it directly.
Indirectly, may be, perhaps because of a fall.
Don't despair, with the right attitude, you can still have a lot of living in front of you.