Desperate to help my ailing Father

My father is severe Parkinsons Plus. Aged 74, diagnosed 15 years . Barely walking now . Falling regularly and backwards. Mother his carer , not coping and struggling to accept he cant be left alone. Tearing hair out as will be nearest port of call in the inevitable storm. Been trying to juggle my family and help as much as can but falls on deaf ears. Need some support from others in similar position as fear crisis is round the corner. Do not want to curb either of their independence but cant sit back and watch a car crash happen if there are steps to take to avoid it. On here to get feedback on suggestions and or new tools that might help

Recently agreed to take parents to check out this Lasercane, I feel it is too little too late but we are going to see it, Anyone have any recent success with walking with this cane??? My dad now needs a foot presenting in front of every step to get him from lounge to toilet and as its such a slow process he sometimes dosnt make it..what can help?

Do the stripe stickers on the floor help? They had them down for a short time until my mother hated the look of them so not sure they gave them a fair trial really....

I wondered if anyone in the Torbay area could recommend a good parkinsons specialist care nurse as we need someone now despite both my parents reluctance


Sorry for all the questions at one!

We did buy a laser cane but my husband couldn't see the laser light in daylight.

We had no trouble getting a refund...a polite and helpful supplier.

Worth a try as everyone is different.

My husband responds best to wearring headphones and striding to marching band music!

Keep trying new ways and you will find one that works for your Dad.

Fingers crossed!



Thanks GG, appreciate the reply very much. This is so hard to watch progress whilst the whole family seem in such denial. I could cry right now just writing this as I know the situation is getting worse so fast:-( Thanks again and we will look at it next week if they still think worth a look

Love FC

Hi Fairycakes,

I'm sorry to hear about what's going on with your family. You mentioned wanting a Parkinson's nurse in your area - we have information on nurses on our website where you can browse by region, which could hopefully help.

Best wishes,


Hi fairycakes, It must be so hard for you to have to cope with this on your own. Hope you get some joy with the cane. Good luck with the support, I'm one of 8 and none of my siblings actually understand how difficult things are for me, I feel for you. Tracey x

Hi fairycakes,

Might a metal stick not be stronger than a cane I use a fold up one they are quite cheap on amazon from £5.00

BB x