Developing a product to ease everyday life with Parkinson's

Hi everyone

I am a student at the University of West of England, Bristol, currently in the final year of (BSC) Product Design Technology. I am aiming to design a product that would help people with Parkinson's in their daily lives. Example; aa 'magic stir spoon' which would stir liquid automatically for you or a 'walk to beat' walking stick, which would help you over come freezing and continue you to walk etc.

My research investigates problems people with Parkinson’s disease face doing their daily life activities; it focuses at improving their quality life and social life. As part of this work, I am specifically looking at how they feel coping with all the symptoms of Parkinson’s and what are the common problems most of the people with Parkinson’s have. In order to explore this further, an online survey has been created to understand the level and type of social interaction that people with Parkinson’s disease are currently involved in. The survey will also investigate self reported physical symptoms and mood of participants.

I am looking for participants that have Parkinson’s disease, no matter what stage and also there are questions to be filled by care takers or people who live with the patients because they would know as much by looking after them. You will need to click the link below, which will take you to the survey.

The survey will take approximately 15-20mins in total to complete.

The link to the survey is:

I am looking for as many participants as possible to complete this survey, so do feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think will be interested.

Doing something for Parkinson's involves my personal concern as my grand dad suffered from it. Also it is a growing problem in the UK which still has no cure.  This project and the product I develop might help to some extent.

Thank you in advance