Development in stopping parkinsons

Hi everyone are there any trials at moment on the development of slowing or reversing parkinsons disease as ive heard this but dont know where from

There’s a couple. I was in stage 2 of the Extenazide trial 4 years ago. It’s cirrently going through stage 3 multi site trial. it has been delayed because of Covid. I saw improvements whilst on the trial and I was on the drug not the placebo. It might be ready for. Market in 2 to 3 years. It seem to be the best option at the moment

In August last year also took part in the 1st stage trial for anle138b a new drug designed to bind and remove proteins in the brain which cause the deterioration of the dopamine receptors. They hope to move to stage 2 this year. They are fast tracking the drug and hope if it is proved effective to /ring it to market in 5 years.

There’s lots of other things going on , These are just 2 I have been involved with.

It’s critical that we Parkies seek out these trials as they aren’t promoted and you have to find them. I’ve done lots of other questionnaires and short tests, but these have been more aimed at monitoring its progression. It’s a slow process and after 11 years dx I’m not sure I will see the cure in my life time. Simply because there are so many different types of Parkinsons symptoms. I alive in hope though and will co;timue to seek out opportunities to help develop treatment.

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