Diagnosed At 47


Hi all,

As per title, I was diagnosed at 47. Had shoulder issues going back 3 years which were put down to something else, then my arm stopped swinging when I walked and here I am.




Hi there

Welcome to the forum. I have had PD for five years now I am 59. I am on rasagaline Sinimet and entacapone.



Hi Babs,

I was offered Mede but decided against them for now, seeing specialist again in 6 months.


hi im keith
welcome to the club, i was diagnosed at 52,
pain in left shoulder , hand tremors all on my left and a damn stutter
but life goes on , you will have some bad days but in time days improve
dont let the bastard PD get you down , we are in this fight together
you are not alone on this site
here you will always be welcome
take care my friend


Hi Keith,

I’m feeling quite positive, my symptoms have been going on for 10+ years and I don’t get a bad tremor so fingers crossed.



We including myself do and will have bad days
But our condition is only as bad as we let it
A positive frame of mind is a good headstart.
We all react diffrently but we all find our own
But i know there are others here whom i can chat with on days i cant find it
Take care ny friend


Diagnosed at 52 after symptoms for 3 year. Tremor in right arm and slow movement if right arm. Still at work and excercising to reduce symptoms.
I have decided to fight Parky all the time. I did an ultra marathon in the summer and swim most days.

Keep smiling.