Diagnosed at 49


I was diagnosed last Thursday and this has come a significant blow to me. My emotions are up and down and I am fearful for the future. I haven’t started my medications yet. I have a young daughter and my wife suffers epilepsy so I am bottling up all my emotions as I feel that I can put them under pressure. I feel lost at the moment. Any advice and what to expect going forward will really help?

Hi Mr w
I was in the same boat has you diagnosed last October couldn’t get my head around it must admit it feels better logging on to this forum and talking to people with similar problems helps.

Hi Mr W,
I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago at 50. It is a blow and your emotions will be up and down for a while. I have 3 teenage sons and it was hard telling them but they had noticed changes in my movements and slowness. So im sure your immediate family will be aware of something not right.
Firstly, get referred to a pd nurse as they are a wealth of information. Secondly, exercise is so important. Find something you like, stretching and big movements helps.
Lastly, it feels at the moment that life sucks (no wonder!) but try to think of the things you CAN do and not the ones you CAN’T!

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