Diagnosed recently

Hi. I'm John. A 48 year old postman. Diagnosed with PD in November.

I'm not on meds at present. I'm interested in doing anything

possible to slow down the disease.

Caffeine. Gluten free diet. Nicotine. Coconut oil. Probiotics.

Any advice very welome. 


Hi John, Sorry to hear about your recent PD diagnosis. I 'm 51 and was diagnosed in May this year and have just started meds (low dose). I'm not sure about diet but with recent findings about the gut having something to do with PD, I'm trying to eat cleaner. Beetroot and apples are allegedly full of Dopamine. A must is exercise. Yoga and deep stretching as the muscles cease up if not regularly used. Keep working as long as possible and socialising. I find it helps my mood too. I'm new to all this too and as scary as it is I've just gotta keep going. I've found this site can be helpful too. I'm sure more experienced people will post better advice. Good luck DivineR


Welcome to the forum. No one knows for sure what causes Parkinson's or how to slow its progression. But that doesn't mean that you should do nothing. In my opinion,  it is worth thinking along the lines that the risk of not taking any action may be greater than the risk of doing something. I recommend exercise.


Hi John

I was diagnosed 6 months ago.  I agree with what others have said and try to keep motivated by voluntary work and a walk most days.

I also read a lot, do crosswords and a wordsearch a day.  I think it is important to have as many interests as possible.

Al l the best


Thanks I'm staying positive and active. Must say I'm reading a lot into eating for a better wellbeing.

The old adage 'an apple a day' ehh☺

Hi John,

I'm 57 and diagnosed on 23/12/16. Am asointerested in best course of action.

Reading upon things, it appears that "normal" steps, like losing weight, eating well with a variety of fruit and vegetables and exercise seem the way forward. I'm glad it is nothing extreme or unusual. I am thinking to instigate an exercise routine to include walking (we do geocaching as a reason to go for a walk - try googling it), swimming, yoga/Tai Chi. I believe the variety will prove beneficial. I also saw on a programme recently the Japanese daily exercise routine that their elderly do in Parks ona daily basis is called Taisou and there are videos on Youtube, these aren't particularly strenuous but were designed to maintain suppleness in older people.

Hope this is helpful and good luck.

I agree with you, HOGG1t. The first thing my consultant mentioned was Taichi. I haven't found a class yet but have been following youtube videos. My kids think it's hilarious but I find it very relaxing and it really helps with balance. I also do yoga and a thing called putkisto (restorative yoga). I think for me it's more about feeling like I'm doing something. Who knows what's best? I'll try anything. DivineR