Diagnosed today

Hi, I have very few symptoms, just a stiff right hand and arm up to my elbow. Had a DAT scan to confirm PD. I'm 52 and live in South East London with my wife and two small boys.
hello Martin

like you I am at the beginning of the journey, with a mild hand tremor and cramped toes on one foot. Are you taking any medication yet?
Hello Martin, its good you thought to post here. Most people seem to have been overwhelmed when diagnosed at first but life goes on and there is lots of help. I am 62 diagnosed at 57 and enjoying an active retirement having moved to France two years ago. Just started medication last year.
I think I'm slightly in denial. I discussed medication with the neurologist but I decided not to go down that road just yet. I see him again in January.
Hi Martin 1959,

Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I think although you probably know the reality i honestly understand the denial thing. I'm 8 months in now and symptoms are mild, although the brain knows what to expect the body's not quite so accepting yet! I felt under pressure to start the meds and did so (at a very low dose sinemet) although i have noticed a few benefits i've decided to experiment and drop a tablet (five days in now!) this may be unwise but i'm going to let my body be the judge! The point is here, don't rush, take your time and make informed choices(although these are confusing to say the least) taking some sort of control helps stop this disease feeling all consuming. Best of luck, would be interested to know how your'e getting along.

Hi Martin

I also live in London but SW. Im 46, was diagnosed a month ago and am a single parent with 2 small children.

Definitely take your time and be kind to yourself and allow yourself to think it all through. A whole mixture of feelings is totally understandable!

I sometimes think Im in denial but I am very busy and after the trauma of spliting with kids father have learnt to live life somewhat in the moment and not focus on the long term.

Hope you find the support here useful. As a newly diagnosed person I also found this site useful : http://www.pdplan4life.com/
Hi Martin

Welcome to the forum I was dx last year age 47 all my stiffness/tremors are left sided
I didnt want to start meds but my o/h talked me round and a year on Im doing ok
I found the 1st weeks the worst
Theres always somebody about here who can help and listen
My 11 year old daughter is my driving force and hope your children will motivate and keep
you positive in the same way
Cheers Adrian
Hi Martin i ammm 57 diagnosed approx 6mnth ago think i'm dealing with it oll but my partner is not he is in denial he think the leg tromor is damaged nerve in my back but have had dat scan so i dont feel that can be wrong.It makes life harder for me i feel i'm supporting him where i.m sure it sure be other way around.Ididnt realise i had a choice not to take medication i know that must sound stupid but i just took it just been increased but i feel worse so i will get it checked thanks.I come from south london to years ago now living in Kent.
hi martin welcome to the forum ,im ali ive been dx for 11 years,im 42 now.there lot of surport here and freinds to be made.i started off with stiffness in my shoulder and pain ,i was givern quarerzone injections for neally a year for frozern shoulder,but kept tellin dr they were not doin nothin for me.then i was looked at for ms,cus it heritery and my moms mom had it.then pd was dx in the end after me askin for 2 opions cus it was hard to belive at the age of 31.i hope to see u around the forum ,pop in the cafe on social and i will make u one of me famous bacon buttis and cuppa:smile:
Hi Martin and welcome to the forum. Like you I have recently been diagnosed. Still coming to terms with it...I'm only 47 :(
Hi Martin, I'm 47 been diagnosed 7 years now, this place is a good place to be for advice. The main thing is to be positive, you are still the same person and you can do everything before dx, just a little more thought needed. Stress is shomething to be avoided at all costs.


Hi Martin

Thought I'd drop you a line

I'm the same age as you 52 and I've got most of the symptoms of pd.im seeing a neurologist today so you can say I'm quite worried about the outcome plus I've got a boy and girl twins who are really dependant on me.

Hi Martin and welcome like you I am recently diagnosied and still trying to get my head around it, but find the forum help's.:grin: Keep well. Paul
I am practically symptomless but I realise this will not always be the case. I am most worried about not being a good father to my two boys (4 and 2 years old). I was always an outdoorsy type person and I had all sorts of plans about things I wanted to share with them. Hope my symptoms stay the same as they are now fr a long time.
hi martin 1959

i was diagnosed today with pd.as you can imagine my head is all over the place.my twins have been dependant on me for the last 12 years.girl is in a wheelchair with serebral palsey and diabeties and the boy as aspergers. i thought i would always be there for them.one thing i dont want is to be a burden on my family.im putting a brave face on at the moment.

i foster and hope i can continue for a while yet.

Hi Martin
welcome to the forum hope your doing ok
I was dx last year aged 47
I felt like I was in denial at first but its a such a big shock getting dx
I didnt know what to think
All the best Adrian
Hi Martin,I was diagnosed last Friday,my symptoms are very severe,hope yours stay as they are for a long while yet.Regarding medication I want a bucket load if it helps in the slightest x