Diagnosed today

Hi to all on the pd forum,just had my diagnosis today,and I have pd it has taken just short of five years due to complications ie diabetic neuropathy and bipolar disorder I was told it was one or the other that was my problem 

Hi Pjc1959

Welcome to the forum. You must have lots of questions.

There are lots of people here with a wide range of experiences of Parkinson's. We also have loads of information on this website. You can click on 'About Parkinson's' or 'Support for you' then 'Publications' above.

I hope you find this a useful and supportive place.


Welcome, Pjc1959 --

I'm in the U.S. but find this forum offers the most fun as well as the most information from experienced pwp.  I have probably learned as much about PD here as I have from my doctors.

It sounds as if you have more than your share of medical problems and as if you are coping well.  PD is my only serious ailment, but I have had it about 17 years now.  Medications keep my symptoms under control so well that I am still living the same life as ever, perhaps at a slightly slower pace.

Best regards,    J

Hi,thanx for the welcome,

                                        Just got my medication madopar this is the only medication I can have due to other meds I have to take,there is still a chance that madopar could still give me problems,so here goes and hope for the best,otherwise I will have to cope unmediated for pd,or I would have to try alternative medication for my other ailments.or if there is any other bipolar sufferers who have pd and diabetes that could help please get in touch,

      All the best pjc1959


Hello  Pjc1959

                  Wellcome Pj obviously it would be preferable to have made your acqaintance under more favourable conditions but we have to deal with it and you have chosen a very excellent forum with which to air your worries,and you will find help and support from the most friendly group of people this side of the universe,and thats very large. A few years ago when parky was hammering me ,I was in the grip of the worst kind of depression, I was not just on a downer it went on for month after month, now you can have the most efficent support assisting you but I new I had to bring my own Ideas into play,so after setting in place my visits from Community Mental Health,the visits to the psychologist and learning the benefits of CBT plus  all the  very  very best of support from the Jubilee wing of NTGH I got back on my feet, then I dicovered this Forum and  I can honestly say Pj the friends I have made here have  kept my head up when I was going down for the third time, if  I have any kind of problem I sit here with my laptop and send a few posts , not only do you get  the pain and discomfort out of your system, someone will pick up your distress and you will have multiple shoulders to lean on, so make the most of the best  PD Forum and a warm wellcome from FEDEXLIKE.

                                    Fed to my friends        PS I have been on Madopar from 99 and found it acceptable

Hi fredexlike,

well I have been under a psychiatrist for a number of years tried all sorts of therapies,but the only one to keep me on a level playing field no up or downs is medication,but alas the madopar interacts with it which has made me spiral into deep depression but the Parkinson's side of things is a little improved just guess you can't have both,just started on medication to help with the depression my psychiatrist thinks it will help,of to the pd nurse on Monday the 23rd so there may be other things to try.

cheers pjc1959