Hi, I’m David, I had Parkinson’s diagnosis yesterday following initial DAT Scan negative result. It was a shock, first I thought I had it then cleared then the bad news.

I’m in my late 40s with a younger wife and two little boys. I’m feeling quite positive as I finally have a reason for all the unpleasant symptoms over the last 10 years.

I work split between home and overseas, i’m going to continue with that and enjoy it while I can…I’ve read many stories and tips on this forum and I intend to make the most of every moment I can. The flowers look especially bright this Spring (well we are nearly there)

Your positive attitude will take you a long way, Smileydave. Good luck.

Hi @smileydave,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I agree with Knine, your positive attitude will definitely take you a long way and I’m sure your optimism will inspire others.

We have a newly diagnosed section on our website which has a lot of information that will be useful to you including where you can receive help and support. Please feel free to take a look in your own time.

Best wishes,

Thanks for the reply from Knine and Reah :slight_smile: Today I’m working on starting up a football exercise weekly kickabout. It’s aimed at veterans (45+) for gentle building up fitness and the positivity it brings.

Today I’ve been navigating the forum…great to see so much love out there.

Welcome David. I too applaud your great attitude. Look forward to hearing more about your story in due course!