Diagnosis confirmed today

Following on from our previous comments about suspecting my husband Mike has Parkinson's and initial appointment with Neurologist in December followed by loads blood tests, MRI Brain, Lung and Spine Scans, DaTscan, lumber punctures we have been back to DVH hospital and see the neurologist who has confirmed Mike has Parkinson's with lewy's. Stunned but not surprised, although Mike had not wanted to know anything about illness until it was confirmed, I have spent hour upon hour researching both on this site and others and reading variuous books - this enabled me to ask questions of the neurologist, as I was not pollaxed by the diagnosis. He has started Mike off on B12 tablets Sinemet 12.5mg twice a day and Rasagiline 1 mg tablets one a day to start off with. We will go back to see him in 6 months and in meantime will get appointment to see PD nurse to go through everything PD entails.
Mike is 75 in April and until 3 years ago passed for a 60 year old, was the life and soul of the party, full of energy (much more than me and I am 18 years his junior)! We really hope that the medication will improve his quality of life and would really appreciate any advice re exercise or anything from you lovely people on this forum.
Happy to chat on forum or via private message.
Thanks for taking the time to read this
Lynne and Mike

Hi Michaele

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's dx. Any regular exercise can only be beneficial. When my husband was diagnosed he stopped using the car to fetch his daily paper and instead walked the two mile round trip every morning. He also fell asleep a lot during the day but I know he found that daily walk beneficial. When he became more unsteady he used a stick. Your PD nurse may also be able to refer him for physio.

It is heartbreaking to see someone you love change in the way your o/h has but you will adapt! Try not to look into the future and make the most of every day as it comes.
Worrals x

Hello, Michaele --
I second all the advice from worrals. The best things your husband can contribute to his own well-being are exercise and a positive attitude. I try to hike at least twice a week, do a geriatric sort of workout at the gym twice a week, walk my dog daily, and continue studying and practicing Tai Chi. At the gym I find the elliptical trainer the most effective and energizing for me. In Tai Chi one's balance can be improved -- an important thing for PWP.
Just do your best to enjoy life and know that this dx is far from the worst that could happen to anyone. Best wishes --

Thank you everyone for replying, yes we are being positive - have told all the family already so that isn't hanging over us. Mike walks our beagle for at least an hour every morning over the fields by here. Looking into Tai Chi etc. We are lucky in that we have a leisure centre 5 minutes walk away. So yes today is the start of our life with parkinson's and plan to have many happy years an memories to go with the ones we have made together over the past 2 decades plus. :sunglasses: Lynne

hi,im sorry mikes been dx with pd.he has gone through so much tests ant he.im glad you got a good close nit family around him,and he is goin walks and exercising,which to me is the key to pd,moving about stops the stiffness as much.ive had pd 12 years,im 43 ,44 in april.also trying to keep positive is a good thing,even at sometimes it will be hard,and thats were the family is needed and friends.im glad puk forum has been able to give so much resurch to you,and your neuroligist as well.has mike been givern a pd nurse yet?:smile:

Hi..sorry to hear your news. By reading your post though it seems your husband is one of the " lucky ones" in that he has a wonderful, caring, proactive partner so will always be loved and understood. Parkinsons can tear families apart but you have already made your commitment for more decades together. You have my admiration and I hope you enjoy your life together. Im sure you will. Best wishes from the deepest parts of my heart .

love Neenag

Ali J hi hows things xxxxx