Was diagnosed in October last year after experiencing serveral symptoms was referred to a neurologist who sent me for a datscan to confirm her suspicions the datscan came back positive I’m taking pramipexole 1.5 3 times a day I do feel that thing’s are under control but at 53 years old I still find it a bit taunting been watching this forum for 4 a while now so thought I’d try to talk to people with similar problems


Welcome to the forum 1970, glad you joined, you will find lots of others to ‘talk’ to on here about anything and everything. You can even look in on the ‘social club’ side of it if you are into poetry or fun games, keep posting if you are able to find your way around on here



Felt I had to make my first post a response to this. I was diagnosed April 2017 and will be 53 soon. I am on medication that controls my symptoms , work full time and lead a busy life but PD is always in my mind…what next?
I have not “gone public” with my diagnosis, just told close family and friends. I actually feel better post diagnosis as I was unwell without realising it - if that makes sense? I am hoping to remain like this for the foreseeable future as my consultant said medication will maintain me where I am as I am on very low dose of requip at 6mg daily and 1mg of rasalagine. Never took any medication at all before!
My motto is life is for living. Do what you can when you can…why wait?
Best wishes


Fair play do what you thinks best I did tell people only because a lot of them knew something was wrong it is nice to talk to people with similar problems


Hi 1970
I was also diagnosed Nov last year I’m 52.
I’m on Sinemet but still get very tired after work , I work full time .
I’m hoping this will get better, planning on discussing with my neurologist when I see him next.
I go to the gym which helps also, and keeping a positive outlook


Hi Bofa
Like you I hadn’t gone public as it were, I was off work when diagnosed like you I was very unwell and didn’t know why. I’m 52, I went public as I was going back to work and didn’t want people noticing the changes in me and gossiping about what MAY be going in.
All I can say when I did go public everyone has been great , there is no pitying, and as they all know no one glances a second time when I slightly tremor or go off to the side when walking on my bad days . It was also a relief to get it out and get on .
My work also created an awareness day for everyone to get the understanding of the disease out there …


Absolutely right I get very tired after work my job is very physical being a self-employed builder but you have to keep going sometimes I think what’s next but don’t we all


I love Outlander by the way!
At this time I have no obvious symptoms so no need to worry about what people think etc. Good to hear your experience was so positive though.
I’ve taken up Tai Chi which I am loving.
Interesting how everyone’s story is different but with that one common denominator


Hi outlanderfan
When you were diagnosed did you have the datscan just interested in what people’s views are on this been reading some negative feedback


As I don’t know what this is I probably didn’t have this unless it’s an MRI