Hi everyone, I’m new here. I have suspected for some time that my husband was suffering from PD. This week, out doctor confirmed that he thought my husband has PD. He explained he will have to be assessed by Movement Disorder clinic before treatment can begin but has no idea how long that will be. Can anyone tell me about the assessment procedures? My husband is still saying it is just the doctor’s opinion so the sooner we have it confirmed the better. A very uncertain time for us.

Hi viking you say your doctor suspects pd for your husband wot symptoms does he have as were all different with our own diagnosis i have a tremor if i didn’t have tremor you wouldn’t know i have parkinsons ,Take your diagnosis in your stride think positively its not be all end all you will adapt with this disease just take your time absorb all the information also there are many people on this site that will offer advise reach out you will be ok take care

Do you have a neurologist, he/she should be able to confirm the diagnosis, would recommend you go that route to verify or not. What symptoms does he have? We can perhaps help if we know more.

Can I please ask you, my dad has a tremor in his hands.
He is waiting for an appointment to be assessed.
He has had his tremor for years and years and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Should there be more than tremors to be diagnosed with PD?

Many thanks

there are different types of tremors with a lot of different possible causes, a tremor alone would not be enough I don’t believe to diagnose it as PD, they will look at other factors as well.


Hi wot type of tremor is it at rest or an essential tremor if at rest its probably parkinsonism with no other symptoms

Hi, yes the tremor is at rest and also when not resting. Not something you would really notice but my father has had it for many years. It doesn’t seem to bother him that much.

Thank you for that information. It is a resting tremor.