Hi all, it's probably been asked before, but I have a question.

Is it safe to take Diazepam with Selegiline and Madopar, which are the 2 drugs I take at the moment for Parkinson's? GP said it was safe, but just wanted to double check. I only need them for a week, to get me through a rather stressful period!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks.


Hi Twinks,

I take Madopar and on occassion Diazepam, the latter of which is for my back pain spasms.  I've not had any issues to date though the Diazepam is only taken far and few between, as and when needed.

GP's have a medical gazatteer which indicates medication clashes and usually check this before prescribing new medication. How are you getting on with the Madopar?


Thanks Joanie for that information. I shall feel happier about taking them, if and when it's necessary.

I've been on the Madopar since last June and started taking 3 a day, but have had to increase it to 4 as they wear off quicker now. How do you get on with Madopar? By the way, I take Chia seeds for my spasms.


Thanks for the info on the Chia seeds. I shall do some research about them.  I can go through days without the back pain and spasms then boom, just bending down to put something in the bin can set it off.

I've been on Madopar since last July.  I take 4 a day now.  Was on two tabs three times per day but found that I was having more vivid dreams at night and more thrashing and shouting out in my sleep. I deliberately reduced from 6 to 4 a day to see if this made a change.  I am not 100% sure it is the right medication as this is the only one I've tried since diagnosis.  I guess I will know more when I have my appointment next week. 

I've found keeping a diary helpful of the dose taken each day and making a record of the severity of my symptoms.

Joanie x

Twinks, I saw your suggestion of taking Chia seeds on the forum. I have them over breakfast and over yoghurt. I'm sure they help. Thx

Thanks Joanie......it helps to know how others are getting on with Madopar. I've needed 5 today.......going through a lot of stress just now!

And DivineR, pleased to hear that the Chia seeds are working for you as well. I originally took them for constipation, but found they stopped my muscle spasms and cramps too.

All the best to you both.