Did a previous operation trigger (or stimulate) my PD?

I am sure I carried symptom​s of P D for some years before but in November 20010  I received an  aortic valve replacement​ type     ' C-E Perimount Pericardial Bioprosthesis model 2900 23mm AORTIC ' to give it's full details​.   

Prior to this operation​ ( aged  68yrs)  I had been a fitness freak and  I still​ run regularly​ now.  The replacement vavle functions perfectly​.   But it was a long hard slog to recovery​.

But  the  operation​ took longer than usual . So I was on the life support machine for too long ?   Particles floating  around in these machines  is another story.  

  Please note I have no medi​cal qualifications.  

But it is document​ed that too long on these machines (, although​ it may save life ) can be detremental to the brain ! ( thats caused by all the detrious floating arround as a result of poor fltration )     Firstly the Pituitary gland does  most of the hard work, ​ it controls the system which produces Seratonin  and other functions including  ' production of Dopamine'  

So did this​ lfe saving operation  trigger my PD ?      Mike who can't sleep.



Hi Mike - when they suspected I had  PD at age 57, they sent me for an MRI head scan, the results also showed that not only had I got parkinsons but I had also had a TIA  (Trans Ischemic Attack) or mini stroke. I often wonder if  this TIA actually caused the parkinsons, no one else in the family have had it.


Morning​ Sheila​.    I have been up since​ 04.15 can't sleep.    Thanks for your personl message  re York.

It does appear that  there are many things in life that may influence​ the​ onset of PD..    The same goes for my family . No previous signs of PD  . My mother lived well into her late 80/s and retained full control  of her bodily well being. My father (a police officer,)  died at 52 just before​ heart valve replacement​ became the norm.  Mike​

I often wonder too if other things can trigger the pd. this is on my dads side but also years ago I had ECT treatments and you do think could that have set things in motion too. Maybe it's best not to think too much sometimes.


Because PD is relatively common, just about everyone who develops it can remember some medical event, such as an infection, or maybe a minor head injury or medical treatment. By and large, these are simply associations rather than causes. I agree with Sue, you can overthink things.

For example, two of the conditions I have started since I moved to the Isle of Mull, where MS, along with the rest of Scotland, is more frequent. It’s nothing to do with Mull - I’m just getting older, and developing conditions that mainly affect older people.



Gosh Mike - this is an old post, have you been through the archives?

However it still makes me  wonder if anything does actually trigger the parkinsons off, but that is something I suppose we will never find out without proof.

Bet it's a glorious place where you live, I envy you - Sheila alias shefinn