Did anyone watch Doctors on BBC1 this afternoon?

A patient with Parkinson's is displaying some strange symptoms, can her nurse convince her to get the help she needs?


Did anyone watch it?


Hi Cutiepie

I watched the programme with the lovely Judy Cornwell playing the pwp. 

I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It tried to portray the compulsive behavioural effects of dopamine agonists but by trying to cram the whole story into half of a 30 minute episode it trivialised it. I think they have missed an opportunity to build up the story over a week as they often do on doctors. This would     have enabled them to show the desperate situations compulsive behaviour can result in and also make the general public more Parkinson's aware.

Having said all that, a big pat on the back for the beeb for raising the issue at all.


Hi Cutiepie,

                  Watched the episode you flagged up last night on i player via the TV.Then watched a further 2 episodes.Then found myself watching todays episode to see the outcome of the unfortunate sozzled woman who was knocked down by her partners reversing car.

                  Anyway,I hope I can now tear myself away from another possible addiction.Not only that,my hypochondria is through the roof now.

                  Seriously though,thanks for pointing the episode out.Even though short in duration,it can be viewed as a valuable precis account regarding compulsive behaviour due to the effects of DA's,which could be useful to those suffering from similar problems.

                            Keep up the good work you do in this area

                                       Take care




     Rather than start a new thread,I thought I would just post this under this"Did anybody see"thread.

This morning on BBC1 at 11.00-11.45.A programme called "Saints or Scroungers"highlighted a "saint"case in which the person was diagnosed with MSA(multiple system Atrophy),also known as"parkinsons plus".

     It highlighted

1)The condition itself

2)The complications and struggles of

3)Emotional and physical support for both sufferer and carer,including respite

4)Welfare benefits Adviser and other advise

5)Local hospice assistance

5)Disability living allowance(DLD),higher rate

6)Employment support Allowance(ESA)

7)Alternate housing to accommodate change in needs

8)Charitable organisations and grants

The programme can be watched on i-player,catch-up TV.

Take care