Did you know that it's Ask Your Pharmacist week coming up?

Send us your questions ASAP!

Did you know that it’s Ask Your Pharmacist week coming up?

We’re hosting a live-stream on Monday 11th November with the National Pharmacy Association and you can get involved! Pop your questions down below, and we’ll answer them live. :point_down:

How many different ways are there of ordering repeat prescriptions? I was told mine would come automatically, I needed to do nothing. Nothing came, I asked why not and was told you did not order anything. Now, with angst about supply because of Brexit, I have suddenly been given 4 months supply of everything on my list ( including sinemet 25/100 which some others seem unable to get) Communication between pharmacy and surgery seems poor, even antagonistic and I am stuck in the middle having a mini nervous breakdown every time I tryto get medication.