Diet and exercise...... Help!


I was diagnosed a year ago  at 44 and im quite happy with my Meds carbidopa 25mg x5 a day

Repinex XL 6mg and Rasagiline 1mg

I was still having the usual problems like waking up at silly o clock ,dreaming , sleeping in the day, the issue with stress etc etc 

Ive always tried to keep fit with a reasonably ok diet but while researching parkinsons on the web stumbled across other sufferers eating certain foods that could help with PD so thought I'd give it a go and I'm definitely feeling the benefits but could do with some more ideas and tips 

Im having porridge with added seeds, blueberries and pomegranate for breakfast 

lunch Quorn chicken cooked in coconut oil with green leave vegetables and dinner is oily fish brown rice or mixed beans and veg

with loads of nuts and fruit / dates and 85% coco dark chocolate to snack on with cod liver oil and vitamin b supplements whey protein & amino acid supplements  & anything that will naturally rise dopamine levels 

All topped of with exercise when can ,I'm even feeling like I can lower my Meds after only two weeks of trying this ? 

Has anyone else tried this this if so how are you getting on 





Hi PJ, You sound as if you're doing well. Good for you. There was a post by Mattk on diet and exercise which was interesting. Coconut oil definitely seems to have beneficial effects. I have a similar diet to you although I find it hard to eat a big lunch. I was diagnosed a year ago. Beetroot is also good. I have that in juice or salads. Keep it up. It's always good to hear what others are doing and find what suits you.

Thanks DivineR

how are you getting on with your diet & how lone have you been on it ?

Im not sure but I'm think I'm getting dopamine crashes ? either that or something I'm eating or taking isn't agreeing with my Meds but I'm not ruling out stress as you probably know even a tiny bit of stress can bring on a bed day 

have you experienced any thing like this ?



I was on 8mg ropinerole, 1mg rasagline and low dose of sinemet plus.  I reduced them 14 months ago to 4mg ropinerole and 1 mg rasagline,  I am trying to improve my walking but do not have freezing or shuffling.  I do believe a good nutritional diet is key and lots of stretching excercise.  I am in year 8 of pd.  I have a target of reaching 10 yrs without increasing meds, we will see if I can improve my strength and stamina without  look at pd warriors on the net, or john pepper on pd.  good luck x

Try hemp seed oil as omega 3 and 6 ratio better than cod liver oil , tastes better to. use it for a salad dressing .  Also fish may be contaminated by presence of mercury so vegetarian oil may be best. also protein impacts on absorption of levopda/carbidopa your diet sounds high in protein ?  check this as protein may mean meds not absorbed properly hence crashes ?  look on net and discuss this with pd nurse/doctor.  There are choices to be made gather information and decide which is best for your lifestyle and future plans. 

Hi PJ, I've always eaten quite a healthy diet but got more into it over the last 6 months. I'll be honest, I do have off days where I'll eat anything and then get back to my berries. I agree with Teehee as a high protein diet can effect your energy. Also as others have said the timings of taking the meds is important, ie. taking one hour after eating or half hour before. I get fatigue if I overdo things and not paced myself properly.

Yes forgot to say not good all the time have days off like divineR important to still treat yourself to the things we like, its a balance kinda do what you can when you can. 

I believe Parkinsons UK are doing a new information sheet on diet and exercise. Wouldn't it be great though if PWP could see a dietitian big grin


Thank heavens we have google we can do our own research and choose our own diets,  would be good to have some detailed advice given at the point of diagnosis though. 


Yes teehee Google is very good I've also found YouTube is good but it all can be very confusing as well.
Ive finally decided to contact my local PD support group so looking forward to meeting other people with PD

Try hello to all , introductions section  offload be positive get support if you need to, goodluck with pd support group always good to see what works best for 

you xx




Thank you teehee had a quick peek it all looks very comical and will be adding my bit soon 

really looking forward to going to my local young DP group even more now !