Diet and Parkinson's

I am surprised with the moderation of my previous post as it is one of the big bees in my bonnet.    I am sure at least initially adherence to the empty stomach rule  can make for optimum and smooth take up of the levadopa  drug/s and possibly  less tinkering with meds in the initial stages.  As with everything I daresay this effect is more pronounced in some people than others. 

I agree with is so important.

We don't see our medical experts often enough for them to get the 'full picture'........all they see is a snapshot of us on the day. Admittedly, we tell them how we are feeling and any new symptoms that have occurred, but not much is mentioned in depth about what we should be eating. I hadn't seen my neurologist for 18 months on my last visit.

I always take, (in my case Mucuna Pruriens), half an hour before food. But I'm sure conventional meds. will work better on an empty stomach too. Not enough is mentioned about this. 

I'm a great believer in Chia seeds for (constipation and cramps), Turmeric, Garlic, Fruit, Veg. and of course plenty of water. Also I think going on a Gluten free diet could help. Does anyone have experience of this with good results?

Happy eating!


Hi twinks 

your so dead on about neuro only seeing a snapshot of us once in a blue moon ,  nobody told me not to take med with food , I have other problems and take tablets for them and it tells you on the pills packet take with food , so for months I was doing the exact same thing with sinemet  walking was terrible I must have been 8 months doing every thing wrong , also I wrote on one page I enjoyed smoking well no more  , it all contributed to my terrible experience , I learned from the forum the correct way to take med I challenged the doc about this  but he blanked me ugh !!! Thanks everyone for all your knowledge