Happy New Year folks. As we move into 2020 and we all hope, PD sufferers and Carer’s, loved ones, alike for better treatments my thoughts go towards diet. My husband’s taste has changed dramatically since PD, I don’t know if that’s because of PD or the medication for the condition. What I do know is that a man who controlled what he ate previously (his previous PD life was very much fitness and Health focussed) has turned into a gorging monster that eats anything and everything I bring into the house. He is now immobile in a wheelchair constantly and knocking 20st. His immobility has mostly been caused by sepsis and 14 operations on his right knee.
He has now been referred to a clinical weight loss programme and I am interested to see (first app in January) what/if they make consideration for his Parkinsons. Am I now going to have to cook 2 meals as if I understand correctly PD sufferers don’t tolerate high protein well as interferes with medication and I don’t tolerate carbohydrates too well having been warned to avoid them as bordering pre diabetes.
How do other PD sufferers and their carer’s cope with this situation ??

I buy and cook most of my own food. I eat mostly veg, but I sometimes eat fish and chips as a treat. My goal is to have a BMI slightly less than 25 and a waist measurement slightly less than half my height. Recent blood test shows I am no longer pre-diabetic and my cholesterol is down to 4. My other goal is to optimize my health as much as possible. Exercise and building/keeping muscle is next.

Sounds great, hope you don’t mind my asking do you have PD ? My
Husband would very very very much like to be able to stand and walk again and hopefully his next operation may make that possible. If it does no doubt he’ll be back in the gym.
At the moment though I remain his carer and have responsibility to try and do the best for both of us and quite honestly I’m failing miserably :see_no_evil:

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I was diagnosed with PD in 1999, I am now 62.

I found that medication could have a profound effect on my appetite, Neupro patches, for example, made me forever hungry and my weight increased dramatically. A review of your husband’s medication may be appropriate.
Mood can be a big problem and can drag down a whole family. It may be worth asking his GP about anti-depressants. Or, you could do some googling about a herb called Ashwagandha (I take 500mg per day of the KSM-66 version, be aware it takes a while to take effect). There are a lot of YouTube videos about it. It also helps my walking.

Thankyou for info will check it out. My Husband is 76 and was diagnosed in 2012. You’re absolutely right about mood and depression all being wrapped up in the OD parcel. I wish you well for 2020.