i don't know if any body can help me but my other half is the pwp and it has got to the stage that he is not interested in eating he says that he has no appetite for food. but he is quite happy eating a pudding. has any body got any ideas what i can. Do i just give in and give him puddings or do i persevere trying to get him to eat dinners. he seems to of lost weight in the last couple of months

My friend had terrible pregnancy sickness many years ago and was losing weight rapidly.

I made her an egg custard and later a bread and butter pudding with sultanas.

She ate both without being sick and more or less lived on that for 9 months!

Not really a balanced diet but eggs, milk, bread and sugar plus fruit do provide some nourishment and taste of pudding!

Might this help a little?

I do hope things improve.



I never fancy food because my sense of taste and smell have diminished but I can taste chocolate or sweet stuff. Maybe its the texture...not sure. I dont allow myself to indulge often as I need to lose weight. I try to eat healthily but I dont enjoy food.

Best wishes Neenag  x