Is there a clinically recommended diet for PD? I know there are loads of posts about diet in general but I'm wondering if people have actually noticed a difference if you

- remove sugar


-remove dairy


-remove caffeine 


Anything else in particular? 



Hi HughesNewbie,

You might find this Q&A about Diet and Parkinson's helpful:

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try not to eat foods with lots of protein in at the same time as tablets if your going to eat cheese etc eat at least an hour before ! the reason for this as your pd meds take longer to get into body as they have to fight through the protein first ! hope this helps and it does really make a big difference as i was massive cheese eater .

No caffeine?!  I think I will just ignore that.

As gus says, big protein hits are bad news.  I have found evening meals are fraught with danger.  Chicken seems to do the least harm.  Any other type of animal protein seems to deplete my dopamine levels the following morning and it takes longer for my medication to kick in.

Gone are the days when I could down three pints of Bass and a 32 ounce T-bone steak. (sigh).