Difference in walking between night and day


I am still waiting to see a neurologist for a dx, you can find some of my symptoms in the yopd thread, im 48, but I want to ask is my walking seems to be worse of a night than it is during the day, is anyone else the same, also I have started getting a twitch every few hours in my right upper eyelid, not sure if that’s another symptom, but I mainly want to know about difference in gait during night and day, cheers.

Hi @Scouseblue,

This is not uncommon for people with Parkinson’s and it may be due when you take your medication, however, this is something you’d need to discuss further with your neurologist or GP. Do you experience discomfort such as burning, itching or throbbing in your legs?

If so, you may be experiencing restless leg syndrome but again, you’ll need to speak to health professional about it. We have more information on this via our website here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/restless-legs. You can also speak to one our advisers via our confidential helpline for more support on this, do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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@Scouseblue, @Reah -hi I can only echo Rhea’s advice and the need to discuss with GP, Neurologist & PD nurse if you have one.

I did and some meds tweaked and some additional ones did make z difference, but even now with all the tweaks and new meds my walking and balance is worse in the evening/ late at night. Not helpful if you also have surge urgency as it makes getting to the loo all that more challenging.

Hope you get it sorted soon :sunglasses:

Thankyou so much for the replies, I am not on any medication at the minute, as I said in my other post I am still waiting to see a neurologist for a dx, but on Thursday I got a phone call from a local hospital telling me to go to the hospital that afternoon for a brain MRI, I just have to wait for results, but I wish this neurologist appointment would hurry up, I have been waiting a few months already, not knowing what’s wrong is basically doing my head in, again thanks for the replies :+1:

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