Different brands of Rivastimine?

Over he last months   my husband has been on Rivastigmine but has  had various brands prescribed: Voleze, Eluden and yet another recently.

How can I evaluate the efficacy of  this medication when each month, a different brand is supplied??

Now he is having a reaction to the patches, when I take off the one from the previous day his skin itches and there are red marks where the patch was applied which did NOT happen before.

Different Manufacturers for the med he is on happen I am afraid unless the pharmacy you use has a lot of patents on the same med then they will frequently change suppliers. I found this to be the case when I was on the first med they tried me on.

I would speak to the PD nurse whom your husband is under failing that his PD specialist or Neurologist.

If that is difficult to arrange I appreciate they can be somewhat difficult to reach by phone call the help line on here and a PD nurse will call you back.

Hope you get it sorted BB x