Different medication and Dyskinesia

Hello all, I’d like some advice if possible. I’ve been diagnosed for 4.5 years and until recently was fairly stable and doing ok. I’m on 6 x Stalevo a day 175 mg first thing followed by 5 x 125 mg through day. Recently been getting bad wearing off after 2 hours with whole body cramping and severe dyskinesia. Usually like this for approximately one hour until next dose. I
Spoke to Parkinson nurse and consultant who suggested I come off Stalevo and go on cocareldopa with Opicapone at night. I’ve done this and am still getting cramps / dyskinesia. How long should I give the new drugs regime to fully work? Anybody experienced anything similar? Appreciate any help / advice.

Hi Mark. I empathise with you. I too suffer from whole body cramps and dyskinesia. I’ve been on co-careldopa for 3 yrs, gradually building to max dose of 2 x 25/100 five times a day (Every 3 hrs). I was suffering what I think was ‘wear off’ so was given Rasagiline 1mg once a day. Been on it 2 months. My cramping and dyskinesia (thought to be wear off) seems to have worsened so I’m wondering now whether I’m over medicated! The Rasagiline blocks an enzyme which ‘mops up’ dopamine meaning, assuming the Rasagiline is doing its job, I may have too much dopamine in my system.
I plan to speak to my PD nurse this week. I hope I’m correct and gets sorted. It’s debilitating. I use the gym at least twice weekly but not been for weeks due to this issue.