Difficulty getting help

Hi. I'm writing here as I need some advice. I believe a close family member is possibly displaying early signs of Parkinson's. She has developed a slow, shuffling gait, obvious slowness of movement, stiffness, weight loss and is very regularly losing her balance (but not falling). Both my partner and I are healthcare professionals, who have worked with Parkinson's patients.  But we are by no means experts in diagnosis of such conditions. I discussed the symptoms with my family member and she agreed that she had also noticed them, and that a number of her friends had also commented. We agreed that she would go to the GP to discuss her concerns. After explaining her symptoms (as I listed above) to the GP, he simply said "so?". After further attempts to explain her symptoms he then said "but you are not telling me any symptoms, what do you want me to do about it?". So she suggested to the GP in the end that she was worried she may have Parkinson's, to which he responded "well judging by the symptoms you are describing and your age, I would think it probably is Parkinson's, but if it is you are very early stages so i suggest you just come back in 2 years" in a tone that was extremely dismissive. She left feeling very ashamed and humiliated. I now can't get her to go near another GP and I do not know where to look for help next. Any suggestions?       

                 Sounds like the GP is a Pratt !!!!!!! I think this is what you need to get across to your relative. Good luck and i hope she gets the attention she needs.



That does sound a awful knock of confidence and not at all professional tbh i'm not sure where too suggest other than the obvious of seeing a different and better Gp or changing Gp practice. or if PALS (patient advice liaison service) operates within a GP practice??.