Difficulty shaving

Hi Everyone

I have to shave my husband and am finding it increasingly difficult to shave under his chin due to his head permanently bent forward and to the side, up to now I have used a Braun series 50000 foil shaver. I wondered if a rotary shaver might be better, would be grateful for any suggestions
HI Les and Dave,
There was a thread recently about this issue. Christopher gave some advice that you might find helpful. You can take a look here http://bit.ly/PiaHLU

Hope it helps!
Cowboy101 here,
Luckily I don`t have to shave my wife and frequently I skip having a shave myself, quite often out of sheer laziness! It might be worth your while, Les and Dave, to ask any male relatives,or friends, if they wouldn`t mind lending any electric razors they have to be tried on your hubbie to see which seem to work the best! I, know from experience, what work a regular shave is, it may even be worth considering growing a beard at somepoint, but that`s my wife`s suggestion, not mine! Anyway, Best Wishes and the Best of Luck to Both of You in the Future. Cowboy101 and Wife.
Hi Les and Dave

My hubby who has PD has a Phillips Wet and Dry rotary and finds if he dips it in water and then shaves it gives a good shave. He does like to use his ordinary razor but finds he tends to miss parts on his face so the rotary is the most used.
Hope you find one to suit:)
Hi everyone
thank you for your advice and comments

I went through a time when I had to use an electric due to a physical problem and tried a Braun foil type and Norelco rotary. I found the rotary shaver didn’t require as much muscle control to use but the foil gave a closer and more comfortable shave.
I found the Braun held its battery charge longer than the Norelco but it did have a space-consuming charge stand instead of a simple cord. The foil types are typically noisier to use than the rotaries due to the drive mechanism. Either way, get a good quality shaver and avoid the bottom tier models from even the better manufacturers.

The rotary shaver is not better, it leaves a lot of hair follicles behind and you must repeat shaving one area over and over again.