Difficulty texting due to tremor

I am having problems when using my mobile phone to text.  Left hand shakes so much that cannot hold phone.

Any advice appreciated.

Could you put the phone on a surface with something that would stop the phone moving while you press the buttons? eg use a piece of the non-slip material that you can put on a tray to stop cups moving around? or those gel like cases for a phone might act as a non-slip device too....

Just a thought to help you keep texting!

I don't know about phones, but my husband sends iMessages from his ipad using the Mike....he speaks and the typing appears on the iPad.

My offspring receive the messages on their mobile phones.

If he has to use his mobile he uses a stylus and that helps a bit.

We both find the iPad invaluable and it has almost replaced the computer and the mobile phone.

A reconditioned mini iPad costs about £200 and there is no running cost at all, as long as you only use it in free wifi places.

Saves us a fortune when travelling abroad..no cost at all to keep in touch with home, read the papers, emails, BBC news etc...can phone home and see and be seen ( facetime) or just use as a phone(viber).

Hope someone will offer more help with the phone problem.



just looked in the on-line PUK shop - click the SHOP icon at the top of this page...! 

They have a mobile device that holds the phone for you (not cheap - but if it does what you need....) and a phone stylus to make pushing the buttons easier. Have a look!

GG that's amazing being able to send imessages via voice from ipad to  mobile phone! I am so far behind in technology!!


NB just noticed an advert on the TV where a man had a fixing in his car for his mobile phone - it was stuck on the dashboard - you could probably stick them anywhere! (got to think outside the box to solve these problems sometimes...)


i Have a old nokia mobile, i've looked at all these smart fones swishing this way and that and i dont somehow think they are for me & my tremor, looking soon for a replacement as the screen is so scratched, some nokia's have the buttons set out ok with textured rubber, but the fone itself is very basic or small that in holding the fone itself creates its own difficulties.

i looked at a alcatel there have just brought out or  two new ones have appeared for  for pay and go and one looks like it would suit me with larger buttons if i ever get to town too look at one.



A couple of other thoughts

Speech recognition technology is increasingly available on smart phones, tablets and computers so it is getting more and more feasible to send messages by voice.

I sometimes use an alternative keyboard app on my iPhone. It is called Swype and it takes the place of the  normal touchscreen keyboard. Instead of tapping each key to form a word you touch the first letter of a word and then slide your finger to each subsequent letter in turn. I find that this takes a bit less control than tapping each letter separately. The clever bit is that the app uses powerful predictive text methods to work out what you mean. This means that  you don't have to hit the letters perfectly. It is available for iPhone and android, I'm unsure if it is on Windows phone yet, it is cheap to buy and worth a try.



If you look on the forum, at the ' Dyskenesia 'post by Jacko, there is an amazing video you can watch.

The guy, with PD, comes up with some interesting ways of stopping the shakes.

Just google 62newlife-YouTube and you'll find it.

Hope you find a solution.








Here's the links to the mobile device holder https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/shop/product/mobile-device-holder and phone stylus https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/shop/product/phone-stylus that Keld suggests - hope this helps.


Digital team

Hello you lovely people!  Thanks so much for your thoughts - very precious and I will let you know how I get on.

My left hand and arm is so stiff today as is my jaw.

Comforting to receive your messages.


I think it's been said, go to 99p shop buy stylus. Get a phone that you can talk to. Most phones have it now.



You are not alone. I can fall asleep holding my phone and the tremor takes over. I háve posted on facebook sent texts and got as far as pay now on internet shopping sites. Funny but serious.