I have an appointment with a neurologist next month, only waited 14 wks for an urgent appointment. I saw a neurologist last year who dignosed my symptoms as stress tremor with other neurological symptoms. I didnt feel as though I was taken serous and felt as though I was a rushed during the appointment.
However over the last 4-6mths my right sided tremor has became so much worse and now affecting my left leg along with other worrying symptoms.
What should I expect at my appointment? I am hoping for some answers as I cant go on like this much longer.


I found the appointment good but also worrying. Make sure you take a family member or close friend so between you you can try to make sense of what they’ve told you. If your not careful you tend to hear more of what you want to hear than everything else. The more open you can be the more they can help and get you on a road to improvement or stability. I’ve only been to two appointments so dont really know much more to tell you. Good luck and be positive


The neurologist will do a lot of seemingly simple tests to test your balance, reflexes, how you walk etc.
He will take your limbs and see how easily they move.
None of the tests are anything to worry about.

I think my neurologist had sussed me out by watching me walk from the waiting room to her office.

The best you can expect is a “probably Parkinson’s” or probably something else. It is all a process of elimination which takes time and usually a scan or two to rule out some of the other things it could be.

There is no definitive test and it depends a lot on what sort of day you are having.

All the best, JIm


Record everything.
You’ll forget too much otherwise.


Thanks everyone I think I am just worried about everything at the moment. I am finding this forum very helpful with such lovely people x


Hi @carrief,

I hope all is well.

Great to see that you’ve already received some good advice from our members. It’s completely understandable why you feel worried about your appointment, but this is to be expected and it is normal to feel this way. We have some information about what to expect from your appointment which you can download and print here - https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/puk-live-1-d8-ie/2017-03/Diagnosing%20parkinsons%20PDF.pdf

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare yourself mentally for your appointment.

Please keep us posted on everything!

Best wishes,