Direct Brain Stimulation


Am interested in your opinions of this process. 

Anyone been thru it ?

Andy (ojalahey)

its 'deep brain stimulation'. there is a 5% chance of death or severe stroke. there is also  risk of infection.

on the upside it is often very effective for at least 10-12 years though some people dont benefit. I suspect thats due to bad surgery. it improves driving skills though may have a negative effect on walking. it may be associated with a risk of suicide. i you must insist on an experienced surgeon. it is a serious operation not to be taken lightly.


bristol frenchay hospital is very good for dbs ,& your asleep for the whole opperation  dr alan whone best thing i ever done never looked back ! it was the last thing for me tho.


   Hello Ojalahey, any form of ivasive surgery on the Brain carries risk and as it does not cure pd I would have to be very very ill to go with it, I have the Duodopa system which also will not kill parky, it also involves surgery and there are associated risks, but I have had almost zero trouble with it and it  is effective sometimes amazingly so, but occasionally parky sneaks up on me and gives me a kicking, so I still have to be a lert, whats a ,,lert ?

                                    Kind Regards  FED


yeh i agree fed ! i had very agressive parkinson got to the limit on the meds & this seemed to be the best option for me & its turned out to be the best thing i done ! little bit unsteady on my feet ,but no more shaking,tremors or dyskinesa but advise people to really do there reseach.


  Hello Gus, you know I have read so many of your highly informative posts and always say  to myself I must contact you andfind out more about how you deal with PD , how it affects you, what you used to do for a living. when you say you mention it was the best thing  you ever did was that Ddpa or DBS, LOVELY CAR THE  DBS.,if it was the former, in other words  Ddpa, how did you cope with the tests and how do you feel now.

                                                      All the very Best of Best things Gus


hello fed, sorry my messages are short but not to good on the typeing got builders fingers ,used to be a plumber gas engineer & pipe fitter also all round tradesmen done my apprentership with a firm that used to look after mod houses also looked after portland navel base ,finished with them when they decided to shut base ,then worked for waterboard fitting meters inside & out also had road street works certificate.Came home one night resting in chair when my wife pointed out my index finger was twitching thought id hit with hammer but no went to gp ,referred me to nero BANG YOU GOT PD ! BURIED HEAD IN SAND STARTED DRINKING ALOT ! started meds premipexole suffered gambling & compulsive shopping,then started sinemet ok for several yrs but gradulley meds got up to higher dose to control shaking ( still working tho) then dyskinesa creep in, so changed job to mantanice man on hotels dropped hrs to 30 aweek then leg started to dragg had enough also lot of medication co-codomol,ramiprill,amitripyline,gabapentin,zopiclone,sinemet,clucoma also regular back injections for lower lumber ,crumpling disc,so nero suggested dbs ,no way did not like the ideal of being awake nero said no no my mate dose the opp with you totally asleep and hes the best ! his words would not let any other nero near you with a barge pole ! just hope he never pulled a sickey on my day! Could not wait had tests they were very exhausting but was excepted ,had opp remember looking in mirror after opp F---K ME LOOK LIKE ET ! .Waited for healing process then got turned on like 240v shock going through you ,took a while to get settings right BANG ! I WAS BACK TO MY NORMALL SELF MIRRICAL.WAITED A WHILE BEFOFE GOING BACK TO WORK.Then went back alright for couple days then shaking came back went back to hospital re-tuned ok ! went back to work same again,nurse said doing to much useing meds up to fast ,so reduced hrs 20 , no good ,15 no good this went on for about 14 months costin alot of money going back & fourth to hospiital ,then by no means decided to give work up! And that was it all ok! Go swimming,sauna & steam rm 5 days week speech can be a bit slow now & then ,and balance ,walking can be abit of a problem now & then but keep going!

wow that took some doing neck killing me cool


 Thank you Gus for that info  its   interesting that you worked at portland,my Aunt lives on the,,very near the top of a hill in Preston, near Weymouth, and my Uncle had a massive Telescope I dont remember the MAGNIFICATION but I had a fantastic view of a very lovely German Lady who lived at the bottom of the hill,she really looked good in her black bikini, I was wondering  does that classify me as a voyeur, or a perv or both, the main reason I used the scope was watching the Royal Navy  ships coming and going, there was a guy who  had the same hairstyle as you, drove a white Transit , licence number GUS 77Y, he was wearing a rolex watch , does any of this sound familiar, bear in mind it would be 2-21/2 mls ATCF, that will give you a idea of the magnification of the scope, he said his father was a senior RAF officer involved with the reconstruction of Germany, and was presented with the scope by the folks who lived in a village near Ramstein , he had rebuilt many of the buildings including a  cottage hospital and they were so impressed they decided to invite all the lads who restored the village to a G O P U, or good old '' '' p, and here I was using this beautiful instrument made by ZEIS or simlar, I am going to take a break here GUS I will tell you in part 2

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              Hello again hello, just called to say hello, I think  about you every night ,,Dont worry gus these words are from a song sung blue crying on my pillow, me and you are  subject to  , also words from a singer song writer who  IS 24 CARAT and one of my favourite singests, my wife had arranged to see him when he came to Newcastle,as a suprise 60th birthday gift, and as you are obviously a gentleman who is highly intelligent perceptive and are a member of a forum or collection of like minded people,,,,guess where I was that night when I should have been watching him,,,YES you are all correct I was in NTGH, in agony totally consuming agony,I was playing host to the latest updated superturbocharged, version of the GREAT MOTHER NATURES water infection, not just any kind of water infection, but I could hardly take in the words the senior Medic who  told me  "well mr fed we have tried all but one antibotic, and if this one I am injecting into your arm now does't work you will die"  I told him OH FE????G MARVELOUS, THATS JUST GRATE" notice how my spelling goes awry when eyee am upset "WELL DONT SSPARE MY FEELINGS WILL YOU" if you imagine being  paralysed with B?????D, F??????g BLACKHEART, HAVING TO BE CARRIED to the loo my two lovely   young pretty Nurses, and then trying to pass a devils combination of crushed  glass, carpet tacks, and liquid barbwire with a dash of moten high quaity CARBON STEEL, AND YOU WONT BE ANYWHERE CLOSE to the pain I was in,  I will have another break Gus.







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                                 Have a great BLACKHEART FREE DAY MY FRIEND










nice to hear from you fed,always find your post interesting,na that was not me in the van,my real name is keith! the reason for nickname gus ,come from the rabbit on itv who used to do two magic bunny hops & jump reading birthdays out as my surname is honebon ( rabbit gus honeybun ) i live on dorchester rd about 5 mim walk from  beach ,they call preston on the hill million hiers mountain.speak soon just going for s,s,shampoo then going for dip,sauna & steam !

Gus,  u sound upbwat  about youor dBS  operation.

Has it improved your sluggishness/coordination ?


I am tempted by it but have problems witht he thought of Med drilling into my head and all that whilst conscious

Did that worry you and if so how did you deal with the fear ? 


Andy (ojalahey)


hi andy did you read my post in  page 1 ,i think you have to fight the pd as well, keep active that is the main thing ! dbs you can have the choice where to have it done i know bristol,& manchester you can have it done while your totally asleep ! i was bad & dbs was my only next choice so had no fear at all !

HI guys

Does anyone know what the average recovery time from this operation. Im no where near it yet but Im being pressured by my business partners to agree to an 'incapacity clause'  which woul let them kick me out of I was unable to work for 3 months or more - same for them but the b-----ds dont have PD!


Is there a set period of time after the op where you cant drive?


Any info would be of help



affer you have had dbs surgery you come home to let swelling of brain to come down which is about 4-6 weeks ,then you get appt to go back to hospital to tune you in ,then home i would allow another 1-2 weeks settle down then you could go back to work,be prepaired to go back & forward to hospital for re=tuneing & twicking meds so do let your employer know that you may have to take a couple days of some months.may advice do not push yourself ,good luck  3 months would be fine ! but if pushed 2 months

thanks gus

hopefully ill never need it!