Disability Discrimination

At the weekend my son took me to London Film Comic Con Friday and saturday as I had always wanted to meed Tom Eliis who plays Lucifer we were due to go sunday to so that the days there were shortish so I didnt get to tired. But I couldnt handle being treated the way we was another day.
Well I was totally unprepaired for some peoples view of disabled people.
I got an extra help pass to let the crew members at the event that I needed extra help when seeing stars getting autographs and not being able to wait in queues long.
What a waste of time that was, I was told I was not disabled, I had to wait in line with everyone else I was ignored when I pointed out the extra help wristband the list goes on.
I was not the only disabled person to experience this and when you complained to people the answer was well you shouldnt be here anyway if you are disabled. I only found a handful of people that
I have emailed the company that runs it and complained, but this was definitely against disabled people.
Is there anyone else I can get to listen to this discrimination as I know the company probably wont take any notice.

Hi Bub1, Sorry to see the way you’ve been treated, it amounts to total disgust and I am appalled by it. It is evident that these people have never walked in the shoes of someone who has Parkinson’s, when they do they will understand us better. They really have no idea of our condition and how it affects the people who are closest to us, our carers go through the mill at times in frustration at how we are with them. My wife certainly gets some grief from me but I am a very trying person !! lol Take heart Bub, on here you have got people who understand what you go through on a daily basis. This company you speak are a waste of space, it is doubtful they will even respond to your e-mail but don’t let it upset you. They were the ones at fault and definitely discriminated against the Disabled Community. The only people I can think of that may be able to offer some guidance is Citizens Advice and see what they have to say, if they can’t help they may be able to point you in the right direction. All the best.


Hi les
Thanks for that.
From what my son can gather they did it to a majority of disabled people that attended there.
To be honest this has made me determined to get this company to listen and make improvements for the future events and disabled people.
So we are in the process of doing research.
Will keep you updated