Disability Scooters

Hello everyone, 

My Dear Uncle (aged 70) was diagnosed with PD 20 years ago and is now in the advanced stage of the disease. DU had a fall at home a few weeks ago and spent over a week in hospital whilst the Dr's  assessed his medication. The Dr's have reduced some of his medication and this has left him very weak and extremely tired, however he has periods where he is quite able. During a recent visit he expressed a desire to purchase a disability scooter and said he wanted to regain some independence and use the scooter to visit the local shops.  DU's driving authority was removed a couple of years ago after his Neurologist advised him not to drive again following a minor RTC. My DU's partner is thinking of buying him a second hand disability scooter and feels he will be ok using the scooter out & about unsupervised. does anyone know if there are any rules governing the use of these disability scooters? 

Thanks in advance. 



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         Hello Rest Harrow,

           The same laws apply to Mobscoots as any other vehicle, but I am sure your uncle would not wish to head for the paper shop if he was 80% shut down with PD, or his reactions are impaired, all driving skills are based on good old common sense no matter how big or small the vehicle,,I have driven some of the largestt road and off road machines , Dump Trucks  Artics etc, all licences lost  to PD  when I told DVLA sad but necesary, you dont need a licence to use Mobscoots but care must be taken, especially among crowds as consideration and helpfullness is in short supply when out angd about, however I do enjoy shopping with my wife,on sunny days,I have 5 speeds 1  slower than a box of slow thhings, or walking speed,my wbox,,wife walks beside me and gives the ok at blind spots,2 slightly faster thann a  well, you can see where,im headed, 5,IS AMAZING its still sub light speed, or about 10 or 12mph but feels much faster as you are close to the ground and the air rushing past is invigourating so by all means encourage your uncle to buy one of these excellent liitle runabouts but, great care is essential.

                Kindest Regards        FED